WEO Application


Presently gather Predictive Maintenance information without human mediation and mistakes, 24 x 7. Save the time your group spends on information assortment by means of an App.

Beyond the time barriers

Our PdM Predicts and help you in distinguishing machines that need consideration. The region where they need consideration. The development scientific instruments can assist you with doing fast and backing your choices.

Cost Management

We have utilized the most recent innovation while finding some kind of harmony among cost and components. It is intended to finish the work with less cost, successfully.

Expand over the Time

Any IT and specially AI related product has ability to improve as IT technology improves over the time. Let alone the Machine Learning character of this product. In other words, as the time goes by, the data mined, coming out of Big Data, obviously improves the efficiency of the product.

Basic Technologies


This product is derived from Artificial Intelligence which is one of the modern branches of today science. AI has helped many industries to change and AI era is called another revolution in human science history.

Artificial Neural Network

An ANN is a network that relates the inputs and outputs of a system and these networks have been successfully used to map non-linear input and output relationships in a wide range of areas.


SCADA is the acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA is a computer-based system for gathering and analyzing real-time data to monitor and control equipment that deals with critical and time-sensitive materials or events.

WEO App Features

• Web application with access through Internet/ WAN or LAN

• Administration dashboard settings

• Back up and restoration ability

• File management

• Organization definitions

• Parameters Definition
• User Management with different access levels to the Software abilities

• Roles definitions for users as per:

   o Admin
   o Supervisor
   o User

• Access permission to users for each page

• User(s) profile definition
• Project Overview Definition including:

   o Name of Process
   o Client Information and Details
   o Process Workflow Schematics and Equipment (pumps)

• Number of data set rows

• Select Parameters for each Equipment (pumps)

• Definition of limitation for each parameter

• Input ability of parameters data sets and produced output

• Definition of target output value in order to calculating the parameters
• Generating Optimized Parameters in a Process

• Generating reports as PDF format

• Preparation reports based on all parameters like:

   o Type of Process
   o Clients
   o Equipment (pumps)

• Administration dashboard reports with settings ability